Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 2- Zaparozhye

Saying Goodbye

Orphange from the front

This is where they eat.

Group shot! They LOVED to have their picture taken.

Here we are "chatting" with the chilren through our translator.

The children are enjoying a banana

Today was bittersweet. We spent the morning with the same group of children as yesterday. When we drove up...they came running! They opened our doors and carried all of our bags! We took some puzzles, coloring books, crayons and bananas. They rarely get fruit, so this was really a treat! They gobbled them up quickly! They ask us to paint their nails again and of course, we did! The kids were much more relaxed today as compared to yesterday. They began to open up and talk more. There was lots of laughter. They wanted to know all about America and if we were going to be able to find them a family. And yes, several of the girls (and boys) asked if we would be thier mama. Oh dear...be still my heart. It was tough. It was hard to leave. Their eyes were so sad as we drove away. The teachers had to call them in again and again. They just didn't want us to go...the situation is so sad, and honestly, the whole set-up reminds me of a prison camp. Its like the kids have a life sentence and no parole. So, what motivation do the children have each day? They just "wander" around looking to see if the car that is driving down the dirt road is carrying their freedom.

We had one teacher ask us about our faith and we had the opportunity to share with her. She told us that she could tell we were "good" people. We explained the only thing good in us was Christ. We hope our words will cause her to reflect over her own spiritual condition. She was such a lovely lady. All the women were so sweet and kind to us.

We were able to visit 2 other orphanages this afternoon. But, the kids were arriving back from camp and we decided to return again in the morning. One of the orphanages (#3) was amazing. We were stunned at the conditions...in a good way!!!! The director told us that many churches have come in and helped this orphanage. ( a team from a church in Virginia arrived today!) Oh...it was clear that God's hand had been here!! Church groups from USA have come in and done an amazing renovation. It made my heart go pitter-patter to think of what Grace Fellowship could do!! There are 29 orphanages in this small region and they need more churches to help!!!! You just would not believe it until you see it!! Its amazing what a few American dollars can do over here.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. (Double click to enlarge) We will have more pictures tomorrow as we return to the 1st orphanage again to work with some younger children. I think on Thurday we will be going to another orphanage. We have a busy, busy week!!!!!!

We also want you to remember that these faces represent the millions (147 million) children who are all alone and without permanent family.
Love you all,

Aimee and Jami


  1. I am sitting here with tears just running down my face and unable to come up with words...the faces of these children...the image of their sad eyes as you girls drove away...the thought of hearing them ask you to be their momma...oh it just tugs at my heart. Aimee, I can see it on your face with that little girl that it is tugging on yours too...oh how I pray that these beautiful children will have forever families.

    I am so glad that you were able to share with one of the teachers. I will be praying for her.

    Continuing to pray for both of you, for your families, and for the children with whom you are meeting.

    love and hugs to both of you!

  2. My heart aches so for these children! There are no words. Jess said it all...

    You are in our prayers!

    Much love to you both!

  3. Aimee and Jami, I was thinking the same thing as Jess and Tamare before I even read their comments. I sit here looking at these precious childrens faces and I am speechless. All I can get out is WOW!!! Know that I am praying for you both and these precious children you are meeting.

    Love you both,
    Jessica Kadle

  4. Glad to catch up with you. Haven't been able to check the blog in the last few days but have been praying for you!! Love you!

  5. Just asked all my Facebook buddies to visit your blog and pray for you! Admire you for doing what you are; mostly admire you for WHO you are and WHAT you believe. God is good! God bless you and Jami both.

  6. You will never know (on this side of eternity) just how much good your visits did for these kids. They will treasure your stories and your little gifts for a long time. Please, dear Jesus, plant these seeds of Your love deep, in fertile soil.

  7. Aimee..I am in awe of all the Lord is doing through you! Incredible...enlightening...and good to see what is REALLY going on in our world. I know that you have been such a treasure to these children. They see the hope in your eys and I do to. Praying constantly for you.

  8. Hey Jami and Amiee,
    I am keeping tabs on you. I am excited to see your postings and to hear what is going on. E-mail me your phone number. I would love to talk to you.

  9. heartbreaking! they want their forever families so much... i wish we could just bring them all home.