Thursday, August 27, 2009

Last full day in Zaparozhye

Sibling group




Today, we drove about an hour outside of town. Mile after mile we saw nothing but flat farming land. It was very, very rural. This orphanage was located in a small village. There were about 65 kids that have returned from summer camp. The other half of kids will stream in during the next few days. When we drove up, we were not greeted like the days before. The director ushered us inside and explained the history and condition of the orphanage. There are lots of needs. The building is very, very old and needs lots of renovation. Because this orphanage is located in the middle of nowhere...they get very little visitors and/or support. The kids gave us a tour, and they were very proud to show us their home. Each bedroom held 16 beds. The floors are wide planks with several layers of paint.

Next, we went outside and they all gathered around us and asked us lots of questions. We couldn't help but chuckle when they asked us if we liked President Obama. They wanted to know if America was really beautiful and how we treated our children. They asked us how much each piece of clothing cost that we were wearing. They asked about our jobs and how much we made...and even if we had "rappers" on the street??? One little boy wanted to know how long it would take him to ride his bicycle to Alabama. We told him he needed to know how to swim really, really good. The kids laughed and told him he would never make it because sharks would gobble him alive.

Most of the children asked nothing about adoption. They were clueless. Its just not a common thing for them to witness. They have accepted their life as an orphan. There was ONE exception. A beautiful nine year old girl came up and asked us directly, "Are you here to adopt me?" Ugh. We told her no. Its hard to say that, but its more cruel to give them false hope that we are coming back. They asked us to pray for them. We told them that we do and that we will continue to do so. We were able to share the Gospel with all the children. They really listened intently and soaked it up. We gave all the children a yellow sheet which tells them plainly, and simply why God loves them.

Leaving today was easy. (for them) The children just walked away. It's heartbreaking to see kids like this. They have lost hope. They are certain that nobody will rescue them.

"Vindicate the weak and fatherless, Do justice to the afflicted and destitute. Rescue the weak and needy. Deliver them out of the hand of the wicked." Psalm 82:3-4

Tomorrow, our plan is to go to market and purchase some shoes and clothing for the children in the 1st orphanage. Their physical needs were greatest. After we deliver these items, we are going to visit our last orphanage.

I am very excited about this stop. This is really where my heart is! We will be visiting a special needs orphanage on the way back to Kiev. The children here are mostly Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy. We asked that you pray that we are given access to visit the children. It has not been approved as of tonight (Thursday).

Thank you for you prayers,

Aimee and Jami


  1. I look forward to every single blog post. Your visit is so inspirational...

  2. Wow. I am praying hard for these children. You are really honoring God in your trip over there. I am humbled by your devotion.
    Stay safe, and give the kids some hugs for me.

  3. I've been reading all the posts, but today I leave my first comment. My heart wishes I could be there with you two. I want to help these kids. I ache for them. Praying for you two and these children.



  4. Love how the children wanted to know so much about the US and had so many questions.

    So glad that you were able to share with them and they listened. Continuing to pray that the seed you girls have planted will grow.

    Your posts...the descriptions of the orphanages...the pictures of these beautiful children waiting on a momma and all is giving me a whole new perspective. I can only imagine what it is doing for you girls being there in the thick of it. Thank you girls for serving...for willingly wanting to take care of others. You are such an example to me!

    Continuing to pray for you girls as minister to this children.
    "...and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, fixing our eyes on Jesus." Hebrews 12:1-2

  5. As I finish the rat race for the day, coming to your blog is like a breath of fresh air...what life is REALLY ALL ABOUT; loving others with the love of Jesus. Even though it is heart breaking to see the empty look in these children's eyes, it is heart warming to know that they are not forgotten. Their Father in Heaven is watching over them and may we raise up and do what we are called to do...
    I am praying for each little soul tonight.
    And praying favor for yall at the last orphanage...

  6. It is so sad to me that they know no other life than this. To never be a part of a loving nights, dinners together, play dates at the's the little things that we should be so thankful for and grateful that we can provide for our own children here. Praying for those sweet ones there and praying for you both as you do God's will there and try and share His love with them. Love you!

  7. Aimee...In your this post the little boy...three pictures down from top, with the black and blue shirt is tugging at my heart. How do I find out more about hom